Trim Handling System & Shredder Cum Conveying Blower

 »  AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING is an art, please consult us for your specific air handling needs.
General Information:
 » Trim Handling device is engineered to suck continous trims of paper, plastic, laminate and the like material. It consists of high efficiency fan for motive air, well designed ventury and discharge cone.
 » High velocity air from motive fan induces sufficient suction at suction nozzles to suck trims. Trims can be conveyed to waste collector, boiling or repulping tanks.

 » All parts are specially designed for specific installation to consume optimum low power.
 » Specially designed seperator that can be placed very near to the main equipment. This reduces discharge pipe resistance and the power required can be reduced to half or less. This seperator can be moved to the place of disposal.

 » Paper Industries
 » Plastic Industries
 » Laminate Industries etc.

Details required for Quotation:
 » Application
 » Type of Material
 » Material GSM
 » Trim Width
 » No. Of Trim
 » Machine Speed
 » Covering Distance : Horizontal / Vertical
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