Side Channel Blower

 »  AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING is an art, please consult us for your specific air handling needs.
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General Information:
 » In the chambers set in the periphery the impeller, air is accelerated due to centrifugal force created as the impeller turns and is thrown into the next chamber and is again similarly accelerated, thus continuously increasing compression as the impeller turns until it reaches the outlet port.

 » Non pulsating continuous air flow.
 » Compact & light weight
 » No metal to metal contact, Oil free air
 » Rugged construction, maintenance free
 » Low noise level
 » Additional filter system (optional).
 » Construction cast aluminum alloy

 » Pneumatic Conveying System
 » Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
 » Dust Collectors
 » Lifting and Holding of Parts
 » Aeration Of Fluids Through Bubbling
 » Printing And Paper Handling
 » Packaging Machines
 » Food Processing
 » Dental Suction Equipment
 » Textile Machines

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