Pneumatic Conveying System

 »  AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING is an art, please consult us for your specific air handling needs.
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General Information:
 » Pneumatic Conveying Systems can be tailor made to suit exact requirements of any bulk material to be conveyed. The system is enviro-friendly.
 » Can offer suction conveying, low pressure conveying, high pressure conveying depending upon the typical nature of the product, conveying rate and the distances
 » Can design and offer a system which can be fully manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic.

 » Can handle materials like flour of all types, dextrose, clay powder, coal dust, soda ash, plastic pellets, grits, powders, Soya meal/beans, catalysts of all types & sizes, LDPE / HDPE pellets, wood chips, groundnut, paper, plastic & laminate
 » Specialists in catalysts loading / unloading for refineries and fertilizer plants.

Details required for Quotation:
 » Application
 » Kind of Material
 » Specific Density Of Material : Vertically
 » Conveying Distance : Horizontally