Flux Supply and Recovery Unit

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PLC based automatic Flux Supply & Recovery Unit:
 » Flux supply & recovery unit is working based on vacuum and high pressure pneumatic conveying system.
 » This system is divided in three assemblies.

1. Flux recovery and conditioning assembly

The flux recovery is based on vacuum conveying system. the additional flux supplied to the welding point will be recovered with use of vacuum conveying and will be stored at recycle flux storage vessel. the dusty air will pass through the reverse pulse jet type filter cleaning arrangement and clean air will be exhaust of to the atmosphere.

The recycle flux will be reconditioned with the help of 3 stage flux conditioning unit. the first stage will remove the large slugs particles collected during the suction. the second stage will remove the magnetic particles from the collected flux. the third and final stage will remove the dust particles from the collected flux.

The collected flux will be mixed with new flux through flux management system. we had provided two types of flux management system, one is one-by-one timer control system and other-one is online flow control mixing system.

In one-by-one timer control system, the new flux and recycled flux will be mixed with the help of set-up timers which can be set in the hmi panel. this mixing ratio can be varied from 20% to 50% new flux to the recycle flux with the use of time control system. in this system, first we will allow to collect recycle flux, then after new flux. such cycle can be repeated depends upon requirements.

2. Flux supply assembly
This mixture of the flux will be transferred to the set of flux supply tanks. these tanks are provided with periphery type surface heater to maintain the temperature of flux to be supplied for the welding purpose. this flux will be transfer through pressure conveying system.